Ingredients that cause long acne in cosmetics(2)


Fourth, synthetic fragrance If your cosmetics smells un […]

Fourth, synthetic fragrance
If your cosmetics smells unusually scented, be extra careful. In general, skin care products will add some artificial fragrance, but the regular brand will control the dosage within the standard range and will not affect the skin. But some products smell a bit fragrant, that is, artificial flavors are added too much. If you are a person who loves acne, it is best to choose a product that does not have a fragrance.
Five, silicone resin
Some makeup will add this ingredient to the milk before use. After use, the skin will be slippery, and the pores will be hidden, which is very popular among the makeup girls. Silicon itself will increase the burden on the skin and will clog the pores, so people with acne are better not to use it.
Six, benzoic acid lipids
In general, benzoic acid esters are always used as preservatives. However, it also causes discomfort in acne skin depending on the proportion of addition. Since 2014, the EU has restricted the proportion of preservatives containing hydroxybenzoate in skin care products. So if you are really prone to acne, try starting with skin care.