Measures to avoid plastic cans


When plastic cans contain acidic and highly acidic food […]

When plastic cans contain acidic and highly acidic foods, the inner wall of the plastic can may have a uniform appearance of dissolved tin, mainly composed of small feather-like tin grains. During this period, residual oxygen in the plastic cans is oxidized in the contents and cans. It has now come to an end as an oxidant when the wall is corroded.
To avoid the occurrence of plastic can expansion, there are specific ways to deal with it:
First, as much as possible to sweep the air inside the plastic tank, the oxygen outside the tank is reduced to a minimum level, so that the tank has a higher vacuum.
Second, properly adjust the acidity of low-acid fruit, so that the PH value is reduced to below 4.
Third, each process of plastic cans to prevent damage to the coating film, if necessary, adopt spray and refill methods.