Ingredients that cause long acne in cosmetics(1)


Nowadays, different cosmetics will have different packa […]

Nowadays, different cosmetics will have different packaging, and the bottles and cans around them are dazzling. Cosmetics and skin care products contain more chemicals, and if you don't pay attention, they can cause acne. So, what is the ingredient that causes acne in cosmetics? Let's introduce it below:
Cosmetic bottle
First, alcohol
This is one of the ingredients we are familiar with. Many people choose to use non-alcoholic products when choosing skin care products. However, some concealer makeups also contain alcohol. For oily skin, such a makeup will clog the pores, and the acne will appear.
Second, bismuth chlorate
This chemical composition is relatively unfamiliar. It is mostly used in high-gloss products. Because the particles are fine and sparkle, this kind of composition is generally used for the base makeup and highlighter with brightening function. But if you have acne yourself, don't use it, because bismuth chlorate will aggravate acne and make acne difficult to heal.
Third, quartz, mica
Many kinds of liquid foundations and powder cakes will have these two substances, which will stimulate acne, so it is best not to use it when it is used. If it is acne muscle itself, you should pay more attention to the ingredients of the product when you choose the foundation, so as to avoid the skin becoming more and more red and swollen, and the acne is getting more and more serious.