Chinese style theme of cosmetics packaging design appreciation


This is the third phase of the Oriental Tempered Cosmet […]

This is the third phase of the Oriental Tempered Cosmetics Packaging Design Showcase. What is the “Oriental Temperament”? In fact, the Oriental Temperament is a mystery that is both mysterious and shallow. Speaking of Xuan, in my mind I drifted through a few moments of smoke, a light ink trace. The mysteriousness of the oriental temperament lies in the cultural beauty of the nation. In many cases, you feel empty and imaginary, as if you almost hold it in your hand. However, it is swaying and moving away. Forever, the beauty is still “having a partial cover”. The beauty of the Oriental temperament is also here, it makes people feel introverted and free and easy, just as the ancients once said: "Across the mountain, it is a peak, the distance is different." China's five thousand years of cultural precipitation, male The strange and magnificent singing can also complement each other, so many people can't help but admire the oriental temperament.

When the cosmetic packaging design meets the Chinese style, it is a perfect vision. With the modern design sense of the Oriental temperament, it is bound to be a major trend in the future of cosmetic packaging design.