Plastic bottle processing technology(2)


4. Blow molding Blow molding is also called hollow blow […]

4. Blow molding
Blow molding is also called hollow blow molding or hollow molding. Blow molding is a method in which a hot resin parison closed in a mold is inflated into a hollow article by the pressure of compressed air, and the blow molding includes two methods of blown film and blown hollow article. Film production, various bottles, barrels, pots and children's toys can be produced by blow molding.
5. Calendering
Calendering is the process of processing (kneading, filtering, etc.) the resin into a film or sheet by the gap between two or more opposite rolling rolls of a calender, and then peeling off from the calender roll. , a molding method that is cooled and shaped. Calendering is a molding method mainly used for polyvinyl chloride resins, and can manufacture films, sheets, sheets, artificial leathers, floor tiles and the like.
6. Foam molding
A foaming material (PVC, PE, PS, etc.) is added to a suitable foaming agent to cause the plastic to produce a microporous structure. Almost all thermosets and thermoplastics can be made into foam. According to the cell structure, it is divided into open-cell foam (which means that most of the pores are connected to each other) and closed-cell foam (most of the pores are separated from each other), which is mainly manufactured by chemical foaming and physical foaming. And mechanical foaming).