Method for identifying the quality of acrylic cream bottles(2)


The third kind of light transmission method: This metho […]

The third kind of light transmission method: This method is a method derived from the characteristics of acrylic light transmittance, which can emit white light through the acrylic sheet through the light. If yellow or blue color is found, the acrylic quality is not correct. Because the transmittance of the acrylic sheet is very high and the light after the passage is positive white light, it will not absorb the light color.
The fourth paste method: This method is also called hot melt method, which is distinguished by the difference in the adhesion of a good acrylic material to a bad acrylic material. For example, poor quality acrylic materials stick together and are difficult to separate, and good quality acrylic is easily separated.
The fifth kind of packaging method: the soft rubber edge of the good quality acrylic material is very good, and the bad acrylic sheet soft color looks very mixed. This industry is called joint venture board. Of course, the well-packaged acrylic sheet is definitely more expensive than the acrylic.
When we produce acrylic cream bottles, we use these identification methods to ensure the quality of our raw materials. It is also a five-point method to identify the quality of acrylic sheets in practice over the years. At the same time, we hope to get corrections from peers or experts. supplement.