In order to please the new cosmetics packaging trend after 90


From April 12 to April 14, 2017, the 10th Shanghai Inte […]

From April 12 to April 14, 2017, the 10th Shanghai International Luxury Packaging Exhibition was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. In the process of visiting the exhibition, the reporter discovered that in addition to more and more high-tech, the simplification of package design functions has become a new bright spot. In order to cater to the universal characteristics of young people who are “lazy and afraid of tediousness”, the brand has been painstakingly involved in packaging, and innovative “miniature thinking” packages have emerged in detail.

    >>> Infrared packaging with the same color number, conforming to the "lazy" lifestyle after 90
    Several years of air-cushion products have new forms. This year, a number of cosmetics brands have launched multi-functional air-cushion sunscreens, such as Whoo's Gongchen Yuxue Yuyu Sunscreen Powder, and Estee Lauder's Crystal Penetrating Baihuan Powder. "Cosmetic Finance Online" reporter found during the exhibition, many package material companies have also made a big fuss in the air.

    “We have a lip gloss that incorporates the concept of air-cushion shape.” Wang Nanjie, sales director of Shenzhen Dechangyu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. introduced that the company’s new product is used like a lipstick, and it discharges through a hose. The cushion fluff can be evenly discharged. This technology makes makeup easier and more enjoyable. It can be closed by tightening and there is no need to worry about continuous material discharge.

    Another product is similar to the head with nbr sponge and PU fluff two materials to choose from, the sponge can be replaced with dirty, easy to use. "This structure gives consumers a more direct brand experience." Wang Nanjie said.

    Another exhibitor also pays great attention to the convenience of the product. A person in charge of Dongguan Haobao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. told the “Cosmetic Caijing Online” reporter that the company has made breakthroughs in the packaging innovation of color cosmetics this year. For example, the lipstick color of the lipstick is indicated by the corresponding color number so as to facilitate consumption. Intuitively understand the lipstick number; increase the function of removing the core at the top of the air cushion; and equipped with a removable brush head (for easy cleaning). The common goal of this series of packaging designs is to simplify functionality and make consumers feel better.