For cosmetic vacuum bottle quality requirements(2)


Second, surface treatment and graphic printing requirem […]

Second, surface treatment and graphic printing requirements
1. Color difference: uniform color, in accordance with the specified color or within the range of color plate sealing.
2, surface adhesion: vacuum bottle, lotion bottle appearance painting, electroplating, bronzing, printing, with 3M810 test tape cover printing and bronzing (silver) parts, smooth, so that the cover part no bubbles, stay 1 minute, presented 45 °, then quickly tear off, peeling area less than 15%
3, printing and bronzing (silver): fonts and patterns should be correct, clear, uniform, no obvious skew, misalignment, defect; bronzing (silver) should be complete, no leakage, misplacement, no obvious stacking or jagged.
4. The gauze soaked with disinfectant alcohol is wiped back and forth twice in the printing part, without printing discoloration and bronzing (silver) falling off.
Third, product structure and assembly requirements
1. Size control: All assembled products after cooling, the size is controlled within the tolerance range, and shall not affect the assembly function and hinder the packaging.
2. The outer cover and the inner cover should be assembled in place without any skewing or assembly.
3. The inner cover does not fall off when subjected to the tensile test of axial ≥ 30N;
4, the inner bottle and the outer bottle buckle position should be clamped in place, the degree of tightness is appropriate; the assembly tension of the middle and outer bottles is ≥ 50N;
5, the inner bottle and the outer bottle group should not have the friction inner wall phenomenon to prevent scratching;
6. The cover and the bottle body are smoothly rotated and have no stuck phenomenon;
7. The alumina parts are combined with the corresponding cover and the bottle body, and the tensile force after drying 24H is ≥50N;
8, the pump head press test spray feels smooth, there must be no blocking phenomenon;
9, the gasket is not less than 1N tensile force does not fall off;
10. After the specification cover is matched with the thread of the corresponding bottle body, the gap is 0.1~0.8mm.