Cross the Pacific


Cross the Pacific The British explorer David de Rothsch […]

Cross the Pacific
The British explorer David de Rothschild has a new challenge: driving a sailboat bundled with 12,000 discarded plastic bottles across the Pacific Ocean, over 17,000 km. After more than a month, the plastic boat finally landed for the first time and was replenished. Since leaving the port of San Francisco on March 24, the "Plastiki" has now arrived at the Christmas Island of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, which is the first time that six crew members on board have landed. Although bundled from discarded plastic bottles, the 18-meter-long "Plastiki" has proven its ability to withstand wind and waves. The boat is also equipped with a number of laptops, global positioning systems and satellite phones, and the solar panels and two sports bikes that power them.
image display
Various forms of plastic bottles are shown in pictures.
Instrument detection
The national professional uses the plastic bottle vertical load cell to test the compressive strength of the plastic bottle, and uses a seal tester to detect the seal leakage strength.

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