Cost range of cosmetic plastic containers


Does your cosmetic container speak to your target audie […]

Does your cosmetic container speak to your target audience? When choosing and designing your cosmetic container, it is important to know what products you will sell, their social and economic status, gender and ethnicity. As consumers become more complex, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy no longer applies. Although most cosmetics and skin care products are sold to women, there is an increase in male skin care products.
Men's packaging design is different from women's packaging because they have different appeals. High-end consumers are more attracted to high-end packaging and precision design. Even mass market consumers tend to use fashion and modern packaging products as a sign of higher value. Different from the crowd in the competitive cosmetics and skin care business is very important. Your packaging not only represents the values of your products, but also differentiates your brand and competitors.
If your budget is small and your product is not too expensive, a cosmetic container will do the job in PP, PET or HDPE plastics; but that doesn't mean you can't illuminate the shelves brightly. Technical advantages allow the various finishes and finishes on cosmetic bottles to transform ordinary packaging into extraordinary packaging.
Keeping your cosmetic plastic container packaging within your budget should be less than 5% of the retail price of the product, which is a rule of thumb. If you have a high-end product that sells for more than $100, you can choose from a variety of luxurious styles and even custom tools to achieve the desired results.
The speed of evolution of cosmetic packaging is no less than that of the dosage form. The impact on cosmetics packaging is the consumer lifestyle from environmental protection to the daily popularity of mobile phones. As the importance of packaging becomes more and more important, brands are attracting consumers. The eyeball keeps working on the container.