Cosmetic vacuum bottle basic knowledge (2)


Vacuum packaging technology Vacuum packaging technology […]

Vacuum packaging technology
Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept with an absolute advantage. This packaging technology has helped many new brands and new formulations go on the market. Once the vacuum packaging is assembled, from the filling of the package to the consumer's use, almost minimal air can enter the container, contaminating or decomposing the contents. This is the advantage of vacuum packaging - it provides a safe packaging for the product, avoiding contact with air, reducing the possibility of changes and oxidation, especially the need to protect and delicate natural ingredients, avoiding the addition of preservatives In the call for sound, vacuum packaging is even more important for extending the shelf life of the product.
The vacuum-packed product is different from the standard suction pump or the standard pump. The vacuum packaging uses the principle of separating the inner cavity to squeeze the contents out. When the inner membrane moves up to the inside of the bottle, a pressure is formed, at which time the contents are present in a vacuum close to 100%. Another vacuum method is to use a vacuum pouch placed inside a rigid container, the concept of which is almost the same. The former is widely used and is an important selling point for the brand because it consumes less resources and can be considered as “green”.
Product preservation and hygiene are the key values of vacuum packaging. Once the contents are taken out, there is no way to replace the original vacuum packaging. Because the design principle is to ensure that every use is fresh, safe, and careless, the internal mechanism of our products, there is no doubt about the rust of the spring, and will not pollute the contents.
Consumers' perceptions, invisibly, also confirm the value of vacuum products. Compared with general standard pumps, sprays, straws, and other packaging components, the use of vacuum packaging is smooth, the amount is fixed, and the appearance is high, making it a large market for luxury products.