Acrylic also has a kind of recycled material recycling […]

Acrylic also has a kind of recycled material recycling board is the use of recycled acrylic trim, after thermal degradation to obtain regenerated MMA (methyl methacrylate) monomer, and then obtained by chemical polymerization. After a rigorous process, the pure MMA monomer can be regained, and there is no difference in quality from the new synthetic monomer. However, the degradation monomer produced is not of high purity, and its quality and performance are poor after the sheet is formed.
Summary: The extruded sheet is made of granular raw materials, which are extruded after high temperature dissolution, and the casted sheet is directly cast by MMA monomer (liquid). Although the extruded sheet is flat and smooth, it is formed during the formation of the pellet raw material. To complete the aggregation. When processed into sheet metal, its structure and performance are weak, and it is not suitable as a material for outdoor signage products. It is only suitable for indoor products such as crystal characters or product holders.
In addition, since most of the extruded plates do not have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays, the life of the outdoor use is not the same as that of the cast plate, the color will gradually fade and it will be easily embrittled until it is broken. The cast sheet is structurally polymerized during the processing of the sheet, with the addition of UV absorbers, which have extremely high strength and UV function. The outdoor service life is more than 5 years and even 10 years. The color is always bright and new during use.